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fiery white with chili

fiery white with chili

experience fiery

Experience new taste sensations with our fiery White with Chili - heavenly creamy and with a kick of heat from fiery chili flakes. Keep scrolling to find out more and to get personalized usage suggestions.




Beneath the demure exterior lies a taste sensation waiting to be discovered. Cut it open: chili flakes burst through the thick, silky interior like fireworkds.  Steady notes of sour cream and vanilla are interrupted by a flicker of heat that builds and builds into a fire of flavour, before melting in a warm, buttery finish.

This white cheese is made with jalapenos grown in light loam soil and exposed to more than six hours of sun every day.  Handcrafted to achieve a unique softness throughout.



Enjoy Castello Creamy White together with fresh fruit and roasted nuts.


Looking for other ways to use White with Chili that you’ll love?  Castello Find Your Flavour analyzes your taste preferences to provide a recipe just for you.  Give it a try below and discover something new!

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find your flavour

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