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Castello® Mature Cheddar Cheese 200g
Castello® Mature Cheddar Cheese 200g Castello® Mature Cheddar Cheese 200g
Castello® Mature Cheddar Cheese 200g Castello® Mature Cheddar Cheese 200g

Castello® Mature Cheddar Cheese 200g


Castello Mature Cheddar is a crumbly and sturdy cheese with a sweet side. It is bright, complex, lively and a little citrussy, with a hint of caramel. The more you get to know it, the more you will find to like and love. It is a great addition to your sandwich or your cheese board, and can add a little extra to your risotto that will make your guests ask, "what's your secret?"

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  • Tasting Notes
    • Buttery, with hints of caramel 
    • Notes of hazelnut 
    • Some acidity and citrussy flavours 
    • Complex
    • Sweet
    • Savoury

    Castello Mature Cheddar is typically matured for 12 months for a robust, strong and rounded flavour with sweet, savoury and tangy notes that linger in your mouth.  It is complex like any great mature cheddar.

  • Texture
    • Dense structure
    • Considerably crumbly
    • With the right level of smoothness
    • A subtle crunch of the small protein crystals that tickle your taste buds 

    Our beautifully crafted cheddar cheese delivers the best qualities of a traditional cheddar cheese with a Castello twist. 

  • Strength

    4 out of 6. Bold.

    Castello Mature Cheddar Cheese is complex and sophisticated, leaning towards bold in strength.  

  • How Its Made
    • Creatively crafted in the UK from fresh cow's milk   
    • Strictly following traditional Cheddar methods with Castello craftmanship 
    • Typically, slowly matured for 12 months, when it starts forming small protein crystals for that delicate crunch 
    • Each cheese is inspected for quality before going into a pack 

    Castello Mature Cheddar Cheese is produced in Devon, England, where original cheddar cheese comes from. Made from the milk of cows grazing on pastures all year round in the beautiful English countryside. And it shows. 

  • How To Use
    • Slice or dice and eat on its own
    • Serve on bread or crackers 
    • Pick a pairing and enjoy as an indulgent snack
    • Serve on a cheese platter as an appetiser, a snack or a dessert
    • Make a delicious sandwich or a toastie
    • Crumble on top of warm food
    • Make a creamy risotto
    • Try it in one of our recipes!

    You can elevate the flavour of simple meals like pasta to whole new levels with Castello Mature Cheddar. Crumble it on top of your serving and it will instantly add flavour and a deliciously melted texture. Mature cheddar cheese like this one is very versatile and you can comfortably experiment with it in your cooking.  

  • pairings
    Enhance the flavour of your cheese with food and drink pairings. Choose a favourite and immerse yourself in a new and surprising taste combination.
    Sauvignon Blanc
    Tomato Jam
    Grilled Peach
    Pickled Red Onions
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  • Did You Know
    • Cheddar is a traditional British cheese type. The first record of cheddar cheese dates back to the 12th century 
    • Castello Cheddar recipe was first made in 2007
    • The largest cheese sculpture in the world was made from cheddar cheese and weighed a whopping 691kg 
  • Where to buy
    Check out country specific purchase locations.

Nutritional information

Ingredients: Pasteurized Cow’s Milk, salt, lactic acid culture, rennet (vegetarian)

1618 kj 389 kcal Energy
32 g Fat
20.8 g Saturated fat
0.1 g Carbohydrates
0.1 g Sugar
35.5 g Protein
1.8 g Salt